OnDoctor has partnered with MPT to offer its members discounts

OnDoctor has partnered with MPT to offer its members discounts for its services. Starting July 3, 2020, MPT members can get extra bonus points in the OnDoctor app. As the largest telecom service provider in Myanmar, MPT has over 26 million users. Bringing OnDoctor’s services to MPT members will help many of MPT users to have access to teleconsultation and accurate health literacy content.

Founded in 2016, OnDoctor is a family healthcare mobile application where people can connect to doctors for advice, health education, and second opinion. The app is currently available on android devices. It allows doctors to chat, video calls, and keep records of patients’ allergies and medical conditions.

Users are also able to browse through hundreds of health-related articles written by general physicians and specialists categorized in different groups e.g. men’s health, child care, women’s health, cardiovascular diseases, seasonal flu, etc. The app also has the knowledge bank for users to know more about symptoms for the various diseases, the definition of medical terms, and information on common medicine.

OnDoctor, 3rd July 2020

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